Tuesday Ladies Group

International Ladies Coffee Morning, bringing expat Ladies together in Doha since 1976


Please contact Club Leaders personally to join any clubs of your choice:

  • BEADING CLUB - Leader: Mandy Floyd. Express your creative side and make fabulous bling! Phone Mandy for more information on 66 24 2432.
  • BOOK CLUB - Leader:  Enjoy reading and discussing literature. We usually meet on the fourth Monday of every month.  This club needs a new leader if you are in the club and wish to be the point of contact please let Kim Gunson know.
  • BOWLING CLUB - Leader: Sarah Johnson. Develop your skills with a lively group of ladies at various bowling venues around Doha on Mondays, the alternate week to TLG. Fun guaranteed. Email Sarah on [email protected]

  • KNITTING & SEWING CLUB - Leader: Eugene Roberts.  Help others in need by knitting Happy Teddies, baby items, blankets or sewing for specific projects. Knitters meet over coffee twice a month on Thursdays and/or Sundays/Mondays from 10-12, hosted by Eugene Roberts and other members of the group in their homes. Email Eugene [email protected] for more information.

  • 'IN STITCHES' - Leader Christine Dell. If you enjoy good company and do handwork of any kind i.e. knitting, crochet, embroidery, this is the group for you. We would love your company. We meet weekly on Sundays from 9:30am - 2:30pm and share a light lunch with various ladies taking turns to host. Contact Christine Dell on [email protected] or 66414264 for more information.
  • COOKING CLUB - Leader:  Eugene Roberts.  We meet once a month (Tuesdays) in each others' home kitchens, to demonstrate and cook lunch for participating members.  It's a great way to share favourite recipes and taste different cooking styles from around the world - unleash the chef within!  Email Eugene [email protected] for more information.
  • FRENCH SPEAKING CLUB - Leader: Maya Panchang. We meet once per month on alternate Tuesday's to TLG meetings. Those interested in joining please contact Maya on [email protected].
  • GOLF CLUB - Doha Golf Academy: learn a new skill with your TLG friends, or become more proficient with some healthy, low impact exercise on green grass! Several of our Members play on a Thursday, and a new programme will commence in October. Email [email protected] for more information.
  • MOVIE CLUB - Leader Hana Bishop. Going to movies together, usually alternate Mondays to TLG meetings around 10:30am at City Centre Mall or The Pearl. Movie days will be advertised to the Membership, so there is no need to sign a Club Sheet. Email Hana on [email protected]

  • BRIGDE CLUB - Leader Pat Betterton. There is an active bridge group called the Doha Ladies Bridge Group for beginners and players. Please contact Pat on [email protected] .

We are currently looking for a new leader for our SATURDAY SOLOS group so if you are at a loose end on a Saturday and wish to organise activities for ladies in a similar position please let a member of the committee know or email [email protected]

If you wish to start a club, please speak to Kim Gunson ([email protected]) at one of the meetings with your ideas so that details can discussed by the Committee and added to our website.