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International Ladies Coffee Morning, bringing expat Ladies together in Doha since 1976

Doha Biggest Loser - Julia Deeley

Doha Biggest Loser's was initially started up as a Ramadan Challenge but we have had so much fun we have decided to carry on!

Sharing friendship, support and a mutual desire to shift those pesky Kilos that creep up on you with age and the added problem of living in Doha where eating and drinking out just becomes second nature as you mix and mingle with friends it's so easy to pack on that "Doha Stone". So DBL's took on the challenge to do something about it. We meet every week at a private home in West Bay Lagoon for our weekly "weigh in" and an exercise challenge for the day, this has been the fun part. So far we have had Bollywood Dancing Sessions, Pound Rock Workshop, Classical Pilates, Yoga, Body Boss work out session, HIT class in the Park and a Dynamic Pilates Session plus many more.

The diversity of the challenges has been the fun aspect and we have had a lot of laughs along the way, we have had a lot of successes as well, 

and some of us are still trying to get there! Holidays are a Doha Dieter's downfall but we have all agreed that without this group we would be in a worse boat! We have plenty more up our sleeve as the cooler weather approaches and we can take our adventures outside, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Park walking and we can venture further afield.

The group is small but places come up as people leave or change their focus so if you are interested to find out more contact tlgclubsdoha@gmail.com